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47th Street Boatworks

The tiniest boatshop in the world!

Epic Festivals

Port Townsend Boat Festival fun

DIY Projects

Not afraid of fiberglass resin or oily diesel motors!

Actual Woodworking going on

But promise not to laugh at my skills.

My name is Chris. I live in Seattle, and I love wood boats. And non-wood boats. This site features boats I own, boats I’m building, boats people have given me, and boat projects big and small. Come enjoy the pleasure of getting out on the water, or just puttering around the boat shop!

Boats and more boats

Join in on boat festivals, boat raids, cool boat projects, and my favorite boat ideas!

Boat Building Blog

Come on a photo-journey of building a small camp cruising sailboat called a Welsford Navigator!


Practical Projects on an Older Cruising Sailboat

I bought a 1972 Cal 29 and repowered, moved to mid-boom sheeting, added a bimini, and installed a propane heater.

Canoes, Kayaks, Rowboats

Building kayaks, painting canoes, carving oars and installing outriggers.

Drop Me a Line

If you share my passion for boats, feel free to reach out and let me know!