After painting her a lovely green color using traditional marine enamel from Kirby Paints, I volunteered to help with a geology field trip to look for tsunami deposits in Willapa Bay with a professor at the University of Washington. It rains a lot in Willapa Bay. A lot, a lot. But we had glorious sunshine last weekend, and the participants had a lot of fun. We saw a TON of birds (ducks, cormorants, loons, coots, hawks, eagles, vultures, sandpipers, swallows, and pelicans, just to name a few), and we learned a log of paleo-geology. We spent two days on the Niawiakum River near South Bend, Washington.

Mostly I just canoed around and helped make sure people who were stuck in the ever-present mud got unstuck. It was so much fun.

Here is a video of the first morning when I had a few minutes to paddle upstream by myself. So peaceful!