So steam bending the oak ribs has been one of the most challenging parts of the kayak build, but also very satisfying. The course video from Cape Falcon Kayaks is incredibly helpful, though nothing beats experience. There is no way to get this experience without breaking a few ribs. I initially started out bending too quickly and with too much force (and I think I may have been over-steaming). The ribs remain super pliable for only about 30 seconds, and then only semi-pliable. Don’t worry too much about getting this wrong: Brian’s building method is genius, and hard to mess up too badly.

The fun part was tying on the keel and stringers, and pegging the bow and stern stems. It’s really starting to look like a boat! And working with hand-tools is so fun. Comes together in just a few days (or a week or so of evenings).