One of the lovely things Cape Falcon Kayaks provides is support. Brian is very generous with his time, and when I mentioned having trouble sourcing bending oak he gave me some very quick solutions at a reasonable price. I had some clear cedar in the shop, so I started with laying out the gunwales (top edges of the boat) while I waited for the oak.

The slots that need to be cut to receive deck beams and ribs are usually cut with a plunge router, but I have a wood worker friend who said I should borrow his biscuit joiner. What a wonderful piece of equipment! it was made to cut slots, and can be set for different depths and angles. It made the whole process very painless. The hardest thing I had to do was use a shim to get the slot centered exactly on the edge of the gunwale. Note: those of use with SERIOUS wood boat addictions are prone to pronounce gunwale “gunnel”. Just a warning.