Each compartment in the Navigator has stringers that have epoxy drips and need rounded edges and fairing before painting. Which means working in awkward positions, sometimes dangling head down trying to sand a hard-to-reach area. Here are just the 3 compartments at the front of the boat:

Yeah, sure, the planking is done and is starting to look like a nice boat shape… but wait til you see the inside!
Look at all the epoxy drips from all the stringers. Each needs to be sanded and epoxy “fillets” need to be formed and smoothed. These will form water-tight compartments for flotation and storage.
Epoxy drips. And fillets. All. Through. The. Boat.
The farther forward, the smaller the space to work in.
Smaller and smaller spaces until you reach the very pointy end. Where it is impossible to glue, sand, OR paint!