OK. I really do have a full life … it seems like I’m not making progress on this boat, but the kids are now 8 and 9 years old and every minute I work on this boat is time when I’m not parenting, spending time with my wife, building a career, skiing, or spending time with friends or parents! I’ll stop making excuses when my friends stop asking me “when are you going to be done with that boat”?

Here I put spacers under the bottom of the boat to introduce a curve fore-and-aft, and then screw-and-epoxy the frames to the bottom. A flat “keelson” 1×6 is attached down the center, and all frames are attached to this. A slot is cut through this keelson (and bottom) and the centerboard trunk is epoxy-and-screwed on top. There are temporary pieces to make sure the trunk is square and level. You can see the hinge point at the bottom, side of the trunk under the “hump”. You can also just make out the curved stem attached at the bow.

Centerboard trunk attached to the bottom and keelson
Frames and stem are attached to the keelson and bottom. Note notches for fore-and-aft “stringers” next!