Stepdad Phil comes again to help, and we get transom attached, and most of the fore-and-aft stringers epoxied in. The boat is fairly stiff now, and has it’s final shape and is almost ready for planking.

It’s good the boat is stiff now, because the car need major brake work (master cylinder, new calipers, pads and rotors all around), so I decide to do the work myself (more time than money). So I put my children’s rollerblades on the legs of the building jig, and roll the boat out into the alleyway to make room for the car. Ugh, the injustice!

Transom on, and all but the top stringers are in!
Those rollerblades just slipped right onto the legs and I could move the whole boat outside myself. I WAS worried it would get away from me and careen down the alleyway 🙂
So sad: a car in the boatshop.