So I’ve read every online argument for and against mid-boom sheeting, and decided we simply had to get the traveler out of the cockpit. Mostly because my wife and daughter have claimed the seats up against the cabin where they are out of the wind, but in the way of the mainsheet car when we come about. Our boat “Nawwal” (more on the name later) is a cruiser now, and we almost always take it easy sailing in her. And the cabin top is very sturdy and I don’t think we’ve succumbed to the infamous Cal 29 deck rot.

I shelled out for a new traveler track, car and risers (the most expensive single purchase for the boat so far). Harken makes good stuff, but OMG it’s pricey! I backed the risers up with some G10 fiberglass backing plate from Jamestown Distributors, and drilled holes in the boom for two new bails to distribute the increased load over more boom area. I used TefGel to keep the boom from anodizing.

It seems to have worked out well. I had to replace some older rope clutches, too, and I installed a cheap bimini until I can save for a dodger, but the crew are much happier now!

And even without a windscreen it is much more comfortable in the cockpit when it drizzles.

That traveler is right where the crew want to sit. I have nightmares about an accidental gybe!

It works!